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Suicide Squad Volume 7 Drain The Swamp

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Batman has broken Deadshot out of Belle Reve! Now the Dark Knight and the assassin who never misses have a new mission: rescue Deadshot's daughter!

The squad takes on Batman...and Deadshot?

Batman. You've probably heard of him. Dresses like a bat. Hates criminals. Hates guns.

Then there's Deadshot, the world's most accurate and deadly assassin. Loves guns. Practically is a gun.

So why would Batman break into Belle Reve Prison, sneak Deadshot out from under Amanda Waller's nose, and bring the whole Suicide Squad down on both of them?

Well, Deadshot's teenage daughter has been kidnapped by the reptilian death cult Kobra, who want to transform her into their new leader to take revenge on her dad. And if Batman is going to rescue her, it has to be with Deadshot's long as the assassin agrees not to kill anyone while they're teamed up.

Of course, killing people is Deadshot's thing. Then there's the small matter that while Batman is tracking Kobra, the Suicide Squad and their new field leader Captain Cold are tracking Batman.

When everyone converges and the bullets and freeze rays start flying, will Deadshot be able to become the hero Batman wants him to be to rescue his daughter? Or will Batman end up in the Suicide Squad with a bomb in his brain?

Writer Rob Williams (Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad) and a team of talented artists present the final chapter for the Suicide Squad!

Collects issues #41-44, #47-50, and Annual #1.