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7th Sea RPG The Arrow of Heaven - The Erbus Cross: Part Three

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Beneath the Trees, Below the Earth
Something Terrible is Stirring…

In the midst of a dense swamp, in a corner of the most dangerous nation in Theah, lies a machine of unparalleled destruction. Designed by an ancient alien intelligence, it has the power to seize the stars themselves…or snuff out all life forever. Now, numerous factions ~ sinister, and benevolent, cognizant and ignorant ~ converge on the site, hoping to seize its power for themselves. Your Heroes must stop them ~ before they unleash something they cannot control.

This book is the dramatic finale to the Erebus Cross series of adventures for the 7th Sea role-playing game. Fromt he war-torn plains of Castille to the rickety heights of Vodacce’s greatest city, it spans the length of southern Theah in an effort to stop a disaster. The Arrow of Heaven includes:

  • A Complete Adventure: self-contained yet compatible with other chapters in the Erebus Cross Series.
  • Stats: and descriptions for major NPCs.
  • Syrneth Secrets: New, previously undisclosed information on the mysterious Syrneth – and the races who fought them.